How to Post Mago Pool Circle (MPC)

“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw
“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw

To join Mago Pool Circle (MPC), one needs to register. To celebrate and commemorate the birth of Mago Pool Circle with as many as our comrades and supporters, we are announcing the Launching and Gathering Period for three weeks (from May 28-June 18). During this period, anyone who registers will be automatically given the role of “author” so that you can write and publish a post immediately. Please read carefully below re: how to post in Mago Circle.

Policies and Rules:

Mago Pool Circle encourages our members to introduce and connect with each other. It intends to serve as a gift-giving hub not a venue for sales, however. For those who publish promotional posts, we strongly encourage you to offer your gift-giving services or items proportionately (one gift-sharing to one promotion ideally). No promoter is too impoverished to offer her/his gifts.

Please write in good and comprehensible English, for your post will be shared via Mago Academy Facebook page, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

For author members: We trust our author members know how to post, edit, and publish your contents.

Instructions how to write a post:

Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard), located at the top left corner under the title “Mago Pool Circle.”

  1. Click the ‘Posts‘ tab.
  2. Click the ‘Add New‘ sub-tab.
  3. Start filling in the blanks: enter your post title in the upper field, and enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it.
  4. As needed, upload an image from your computer, one or two categories and add tags.
  5. When you are ready, click Publish.
 For more details on how to post in the Mago Pool Circle WordPress blog, see here:

For adding an image, see the instruction here:

Important tips for your viewers:

  • In your post, choose and indicate one category among Free Items, Gift-Sharing, Needs, Promotions, and General Discussions. DON’T CREATE NEW CATEGORIES.
  • And include 3-5 tags (keywords for Search) appropriately. Tag words can include, the city, region, and/or country you are living, for we are the intercontinental circle.
  • If you have questions and suggestions, write a post by using the category “General Discussions.” 

If any of the above rule is deliberately violated, your post will be removed without notification or advised by our Management Team. If violated three times, one’s membership will be revoked.

Welcome aboard and happy posting!

Become a Guradian Member:

We need each other to grow. As a way to encourage ourselves, we invite you to become a Guardian Member of Mago Pool Circle. You can support the Mago Pool Circle by offering your service(s) or an equivalent to Mago Pool Circle and/or The Mago Work. Let us know what you can give freely to make this new venture possible.

We would like a Guardian Member to introduce yourself briefly before stating what we can offer as “a gift-giving.” We also want to ask you to indicate if your giving is “a pay-it-forward.” To make it work, we need to have as many Guardian Members as possible. Mago Pool Circle Guardian Members will also be acknowledged in our website periodically and 2017 Mago Work Calendar.

Anyone can join us in one or more of the following categories:

  1. I can offer my social media and email activities (Like, Share, and spread the word). Specify the social media you are actively engaged, e.g. Facebook, Google+, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.
  2. I can offer writing book reviews for Amazon book websites (short and informal ones) or a formal one for blogs and websites including Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Books, and The Girl God.
  3. I can offer artworks, illustrations, and/or musical numbers.
  4. I can offer a certain percentage of my book sales and/or my product sales.
  5. I can offer boggling skills such as Word Press posting and CreateSpace self-publishing.
  6. I can offer something unique.
  7. If you can make a donation to Mago Pool Circle, please use the following donation button. The donation will be used toward the maintenance and operation of Mago Pool Circle.


Please let us know if you want to become a Guardian Member of the Mago Pool Circle by registering and making a post here or via email ( Our administration team will contact you thereafter according to what you are sharing with us all.



I have three relatively new WordPress sites. I’ll list the one most compatible with Mago Pool Circle below.

Mago Work Admin

Okay, join us by sending your WordPress username. Thanks.