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“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw
“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw

By Mago Pool Circle, we mean a circle of committed members who agree to pool some of our available resources for the benefit of all. Mago Pool Circle is an open and loose society whose members share what we have for the common goal of collective survival and prosperity. Simply put, as a member of Mago Pool Circle, one shares what s/he has in surplus, something that one has plenty that can be shared with others. One who is helped can help someone else in another form. That is, one who receives one’s free service/belonging may like to give something else to someone else who is in need. Our sharing is a free-giving that does not require something in return. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle is distinguished from a barter type of organization.

The kind of activities we are aiming to create is “pay it forward” or “recycling.” It is one way of revitalizing the gift-giving economy, something close to The Gift Economy  that Genevieve Vaughan has advocated for decades. Speaking from a macro perspective, paying it forward is the Way of Nature in supporting Herself, while providing for all within the Ecosystem. Nature Re-Cycles. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle intends to restore the old gynocentric culture of Re-Cycling. We are meant to learn to let go and to let be. Thus, it is a spiritual practice. To give one’s valued service/belonging freely is no small act. It is an act that befits the protector of the Nature’s Way. It is counter-patriarchal in practice and in principle, undermining the very foundation of self-benefiting/other-exploiting culture. It is a positive and necessary action that we can take to enhance the quality of our surviving and thriving as a society of Goddessians/Magoists/Matriarchs. Ultimately, we are making possible the WE community as our works are geared toward the goal of cultivating the consciousness of WE, the terrestrial and cosmic totality. We are meant to thrive all together, or die out one by one gradually.

Most of us have been practicing the gift-giving knowingly and unknowingly. Volunteerism is one conscious way of practicing the gift-giving economy. For example, all Mago Sisters are the honor members by definition. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle is not a brand new thing. We are seeking more Honor Members.

Mago Pool Circle is the newest fruit of The Mago Work. The Mago Work began with the vision and awakening of Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, as she sought and endeavored to make the meaning of her life and our living as a whole on the planet Earth. Many have supported and contributed to various projects of The Mago Work including Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Academy, Mago Books, and The Mago Circle. Without Mago Sisters who volunteered to support The Mago Work for the last five years, we would not have come this far to see the birth of the Mago Pool Circle. Without Trista Hendren, founder of The Girl God, we wouldn’t have initiated the Mago Pool Circle. And We are very grateful for Genevieve Vaughan who agrees to guide us to the future it is meant to go.

Co-Founders: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D. (Trista Hendren and Alaya Dannu)

Advisor: Genevieve Vaughan

Web Engineering Advisor: Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

Administration Circle: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Kaalii Cargill, Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

Founding Members include:

  • Margreta von Pein, Barbara Daughter, Alicia Hirschhorn, Alaya Dannu, Spider Redgold, Morgaine Swann, Deanne Quarrie, Marie de Kock, Arna Baartz, Patty Kay, Susan Morgaine Stanley, Nicola O Hanlon (new volunteers)
  • Harriet Ann Ellenberger, Wennifer Lin, Anna Tzanova, Trista Hendren, Rosemary Mattingley, Mary Saracino, Glenys Livingstone, Nicole Shaw, Mary Ann Beavis, Kaalii Cargill (Mago Work volunteers)
  • Judy E. Foster, Lydia Ruyle, Yia Alias, Karen Torjesen, Maureen Aakre, Nane Jordan, Mary Petiet, Danica Anderson, Susan Hawthorne, Meibb Fung, Vana Kim, Chickie Farella, Jayne DeMente (Mago Work supporters).
  • Genevieve Vaughan (Mago Work benefactor)
  • Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Mago Work founder & director)

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