(Announcement) Your post will be shared in social media automatically!

cropped-13265970_1190944907617499_3127277386498183870_n-1.jpgDear Members of Mago Pool Circle (MPC),

Mago Pool Circle is well equipped with social media sharing buttons, related posts feed and auto sharing to social media. Your post will be automatically shared to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr. So hop on and make a post what you want to share and recycle for all in WE!

That said, I would like to build a custom page widget for your personal and/or organizational entries. Please register and make a post. Don’t forget to publish at least one Gift-sharing post as well as other category posts. In one of your post, include your name and/or organization name, website URL, and an image by June 18th, 2016. That will make you a “Guardian Member.” Our MPC adm team will gather your info and create a page that will have all our Founding Members and Guardian Members. This page will be featured on the primary sidebar.

For how to join and post in Mago Pool Circle, see How to Join Mago Pool Circle!

For future capacities, we would like MPC to hold groups or pages for members in different world sections/continents!

Happy posting and connecting for all in WE!