To Your Health! Safest Sunscreens on the Market

Sun Goddess

I would like to offer “To Your Health!” as a monthly series of posts dedicated to simple, practical approach to health, focusing on what works and what is actually good for us; what constitutes true prevention, as opposed to “early detection”.

In my over two decades of daily reading, learning, and practicing all kinds of functional medicine modalities, as well as being Nutritional Consultant, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and energy healer, I have developed a keen, discerning mind and senses to guide me through some times very confusing and controversial field.

Since summer is fast approaching and we’ve been scared so many times from the sun and “how damaging it could be”, the topic of quality sunscreen is important, although most important is to welcome happily the sun and its life giving light, spending at least 15 minutes outdoors every day without any protection. Choose a time of the day, when the sun is not at its peak. Depending on your complexion and individual constitution, you might not want to stay without a hat and sunscreen for more than an hour. If you notice that you burn even after 15-30min. exposure, you might need to get more of B6 vitamin in your diet or supplement on it.

Before you buy a sunscreen, please check the latest article by the Environmental Working Group. In compiling their yearly report, they test all the products on the market. Here is the list of the safest for 2016:

2016 Best Sunscreens