Monday Goddess Poetry

Fiery and cold

Quiet and bold

Young and old

The Goddess is.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Surrounded and alone

Deep in the Unknown

The Goddess Is.

Gentle and strong

We all belong

Filled with song

The Goddess Is.


All places

All stages

All faces

All races

All genders


The Goddess IS.


About the Author:

Rachael is a young mother, yoga instructor, priestess-in-training and long-time writer. As a young woman, she developed a love for people and writing and is now combining her talents to offer yoga & writing workshops in Dallas, Texas. She is also the President and Founder of Kutumba Yoga Dallas, a non-profit that is uniting the Health & Wellness Community in DFW behind charitable organizations in the area. Her mission is to spread love, compassion and abundance by giving others the tools they need to heal and empower themselves.  You can read her blog, follow her social media, and book appointments through



Daphne Moon

Daphne Moon has studied many forms of ceremony and circle and draws inspiration most directly from Hindu scripture, Yogic teachings, Dianic circles, and Lakota practices. Her ceremony allows for many levels of participation, giving each individual the opportunity to join or witness at their level of comfort and desire. She has been practicing yoga since a car accident in 2006 and has been teaching since 2012. Because of her personal struggles with chronic pain from injuries, depression and anxiety since childhood, surviving domestic violence, and rebirthing herself through motherhood, her teaching style is nurturing and gentle while creating strength and stability. Her Sacred Dream is to open a self-sustaining community of spiritual guides, health and wellness practitioners and experts on sustainable food and energy production that acts as a hub of learning, growth, and green living.