Kaalii Cargill – Books

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Hi – I write fiction and non-fiction with themes of Goddess and Earth-based practices. My single author books are available free on pdf for Mago Pool Circle members (email me: kaalii@kairoscentre.com) – please write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

All my books are available through Amazon in paperback and e-book. Paperback editions can also be purchased via my website: http://kaalii.wix.com/soulstory

My books:

The Element Series: A fantasy trilogy about working with the elements and saving the Land (The Wanderer’s Heir; The Gathering; The Return)

Daughters of Time: An historical novel tracing a line of daughters from ancient Sumer to the present day.

Don’t Take It lying Down: Life According to the Goddess: A non-fiction book based on my PhD research about women’s reproductive autonomy.

Tapestry of Dark and Light: The first book in the Warrior Queen Chronicles, a fantasy trilogy based on the Warrior Queen song by American Neo-Celtic singer and songwriter, Kellianna. (not available as pdf)

Blessed Be!

Kaalii Cargill x