Search for Mago Volunteers: Co-editors, Bloggers, and Promoters

logo rtm2We are very grateful that Return to Mago (RTM) E-Magazine ( has grown to fruition for the last four years. We have now more than 110 contributors and world-wide readers from 160 countries. Meet who we are here.

RTM is operated by the hand of volunteer co-editors and bloggers including Mary Saracino as Editor-in-Chief, Rosemary Mattingley as Co-editor, and Helen Hwang as Founding Director and Co-editor as well as present blogging volunteers, Spider Redgold and Alaya Dannu. As Rosemary Mattingley, currently Admin Editor, steps down from the task of Admin Editor as of July 15, 2016, we are seeking the following volunteer positions.


  1. One copy-editor who copy-edits contributions and communicates with contributors
  2. One admin editor who schedules and blogs for the Mon, Wed, and Fri publication
  3. One or more bloggers who draft-save and schedule them according to RTM publication style
  4. A few social media promoters who will share out RTM posts to Mago Work related social media (Return to Mago Facebook Page, Mago Circle Facebook Group, Mago Place Google Community, and/or Goodreads)

All tasks can be adjusted according to one’s skills and preferences. New volunteers are given the trial period of one month and can begin, thereafter, their renewable commitments for six months to one year. Please find the application form below and email it to Helen Hwang (, if you are interested in one or more positions.

Qualifications and requirements:

For Copy-Editor:

  • Needs to have a good command of the English language and rules of grammar usage.
  • (Optional) Needs to have strong interpersonal communications skills, if she chooses to interface communications with our contributors and co-editors. This requires a close email communication with RTM editorial circle.
  • Previous copy-editing experience is preferable.
  • Please include your resume or CV and a sample writing as attachment.

For Admin Editor:

  • Needs to collate received submissions and schedule them for the coming month by the 15th of the current month. This requires a close email communication with RTM editorial circle.
  • (Optional) Needs WordPress blogging skills, if she chooses to schedule them according to the RTM publication style. We will provide an introductory training for beginners.
  • (Optional) Previous or current blogging experience, desirably but not necessarily, in WordPress websites. We will provide an introductory training for beginners.

For Bloggers:

  • Preferably previous or current blogging experience and willingness to master RTM publication style. We will provide an introductory training for beginners.
  • Indicate your preferred work timeframe on a weekly basis, e.g. three hours per week.

For Social Media Promoters:

  • Needs your own social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google Community, and/or Linkedin. No previous skill is required.
  • (Optional) Promotion of all Mago Work websites in various social media that you are active.

Rewards/Privileges include but beyond the following:

  • As Mago Sisters or Mago Volunteers, you will be welcome and announced in RTM website, other Mago Work websites, and yearly Mago Work calendars.
  • *Free PDF books that Mago Books have published (*She Rises Volume 1 and 2, and The Mago Way, as of July 15, 2016).
  • *10% discount upon purchasing at Mago Books and registering for programs offered by Mago Work organizations (*Color books of She Rises Volume 1 and 2 and The Mago Way, as of July 15, 2016.)
  • Given priority to participate in upcoming Mago Work projects.

Return to Mago E-Magazine, Our Vision & Intention

Magoism, the Way of WE in S/HE, promotes the Primordial Knowing originating from the Great Goddess, Mago.

Our vision and intention is to advocate for feminist and spiritually-based activism and to promote creative and scholarly work that supports the awareness of the oneness of all entities in the universe. Our hope is to reclaim the WE in S/HE, uniting all beings across differences of gender, culture, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and species. In doing so, we seek to create a world that is non-ethnocentric, non-racist, non-capitalist, non-imperialistic, and counter-patriarchal.

In addition to the Return to Mago E-Magazine, we publish books through Mago Books, offer online classes through Mago Academy, and conduct cross-cultural pilgrimages.

For other details, visit us in Return to Mago E-Magazine (

Application Form:

Name: Contact email:
Residence (City and Country): Website(s) or social media:
Appling position(s): Skills and preferences:

Thank you so much and Mago blessings to all in WE!

Mary Saracino, Rosemary Mattingley, and Helen Hwang