Update and Sales Posts

cropped-13265970_1190944907617499_3127277386498183870_n-1.jpgDear Mago Pool Circle (MPC) users and users-to-be,

Thanks to your support and assistance, we have both the website and theFacebook page is up and running smoothly. We will continue to build and shape the website as needed. Registration is made simple and you are given the role of author, which allows you to make a post immediately.

When you publish a post, it will be automatically shared in Mago Work social media including Mago Pool Circle Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr. And it will be very handy to share it out from these social media to yours. And we have volunteer founding members who are committed to spread the word in their social media networks.

Here is a small leap that we want to take collectively. MPC administrators have agreed that we will accommodate sales posts in addition to promotional posts, given that many of us are engaged in creating and selling our products as a way of not only supporting ourselves but also expanding what we are doing as gift-givers. This means that we allow all sales contents including workshops, classes, products, services, and printed materials to be announced. It is our hope that this will help our members and bring more traffic to MPC.

Nonetheless, we cannot overlook a possible danger that we become complacent with practicing the capitalist mode of treating our goods. MPC is NOT created for one to take advantage of selling products/programs unilaterally. Nor even for paying someone’s serivice or creativity monetarily as a way of engaging in exchange economy. We are NOT here to aid the trading economy among Goddessians/Magoists. Our purpose is bigger and deeper in meaning. We are here to create, support, and operate the Gift-Econony or the Gynocentric Economy that is based on our gift-giving acts of available resources. We expect that our interactions will build each and all of us in MPCand ultimately all in WE in S/HE.

That said, we would like to encourage our selling users to share or return benefits in any possible and appropriate manner. For example, you can volunteer to help the need of others (pay it forward) or other tasks that MPC seeks to run the system. Please feel free to make a post to let others know on what you can do on various levels. We are eager to invite you as a new guardian member.

Please see how to become a guardian member:


Happy posting and see you there!
MPC co-founders and administration team
Trista Hendren, Helen Hwang, Genevieve Vaughan, Alaya Dannu, and SpiderRedgold