Call for Papers – Pilgrimage in Europe: Ancient and Contemporary Pagan Pilgrimage Practices


Image by Dr Lila Moore
Pilgrimage to the feast of The Holy Snakes of Mary  Image (C) Dr Lila Moore

By Dr Lila Moore

I would like to invite Mago sisters/members to consider participating as presenters or audience in the next PAEAN online conference on the topic Pilgrimage in Europe: Ancient and Contemporary Pagan Pilgrimage Practices.

The list of related topics and subject matters including the guidelines and Call for Papers can be found on the Facebook event page, here,  and on the PAEAN Facebook page, here, and website, here.

We are primarily looking for academic papers and researches regardless of whether you are affiliated or not to an academic organization. It is an opportunity to promote or share an already published paper, book, or  any research that you are developing and wishing to share. PAEAN creates an opportunity for people to share their work internationally without having to invest in travel expenses or conference participation fees. It’s also an opportunity to experiment and test your ideas and presentation in a friendly and supportive online environment.

I am the current academic adviser of the conference so for any other queries, please contact me directly, here.