Dear Sister: A Book of Poetry and Conversation, by A. Friend (Sumaiyah Yates)

Dear Sister: A Book of Poetry and Conversation
“A. Friend” is the penn name of Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

Said to be an “Amazing Book!” by Tori Amos (co-founder of RAINN), Dear Sister… is a gentle journey within. It takes the reader through a path of contemporary symbolism, intentional creativity, and intuitive crafting to land at your center — where your Wisdom lies… There is no better comfort to a woman than having a sister-friend to laugh with, cry with, and confide in. Dear Sister… brings that companionship to you in the form of art + the written word. Find your Authentic Self when you delve into the depths of your soul through the prose, poetry, and paint offered in these pages.

I invite you to look inward, where all you need lies. Empower and uplift Self and learn the keys to Self Love. Goddess dwells within…

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Meet Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah

Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

I am an author, artist, Reiki Master, and crystal energy healer. I offer the tools of visual journaling and painting to women as a means to re-member their Self, transcend, and emerge authentically. Through the creative spiritual practice of the Kintsugi Living Method which I developed, I help women realize their dream of living a life of abundance and gratitude. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have used this very tool to heal Self and now I offer it to others. It is a gift from Goddess — one which She reminds me to share daily through introducing women to me whom I have had no previous contact. Women who are seeking a creative spiritual practice that will bring them closer to Goddess and heal their lives. It is through these Divine connections that I have come to know what Goddess has devised as my path and now walk it without fear, bringing along with me all those who seek the Light of the Divine She through art + words.

Glenys L.

shared in a few groups … all the best

Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah
Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah

Thank you so much Glenys!