Divine intervention? Assistance needed – media exchange offered

I’ve come to ask for divine assistance to help with bills as I’m in between jobs and struggling while also trying to engage in self-care and study.

I’m in a transition period in my life at 49. My daughter left home this year, taking half our shared household income and I downsized into a smaller apartment. Within the last month, I was released from my four-year employment with a telcom company out of the blue. The job search has been fruitful — but what opportunities have been offered to me do not begin until mid-September. This is the space between the rock and a hard place where pride does not exist.

As I am for the most part estranged from my family, I dare not ask them for help because of the shame that comes with their attitude about my battle with PTSD since an attack in 2006. I survived an attack by two male assailants in a town I used to feel safe in. Symptoms have returned this year with recent changes as well as new experiences with perimenopause — a life change I have no female guidance with and hoped to learn more about through the circle. I’m writing about my personal experiences in hopes that it will empower others.

The amount I need [800] covers a rent and utilities through the end of September, though much of this is due September 1st to avoid late fees. Mid-month is when employment will be available to me to embrace with a big, empowered YES.

Funding is an energy exchange that banks on our personal talents as possibilities. I’m grateful for any assistance through the energetic eclipse cycles of September. I’m an art photographer with 28 years experience and a news analyst/writer for over 10 years. I also read tarot and provide astrological birth charts for those interested in this exchange of energy for assistance. I’m also communicating with several women about a radio program online [a two hour spot has been donated to me] and would welcome sharing stories from the Mago Circle, interviews and provide promotion as well.

Gratitude and all blessings to the circle ~ Gabrielle Love Jones

I can be reached directly via email and accept Paypal at agoldenpromise@gmail.com
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My mailing address: 2969 East Amy Lane, Bloomington, IN 47408 [USA]


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