I Got Banned From Facebook for Exposing Harassment.

On August 24th, 2016, Facebook banned me for publicly sharing screen shots of a private conversation between a very prominent Muslim American leader, where he harassed me for my views that foster critical thinking in Islam. That individual was warned that those messages would be shared if he did not cease. He did not cease.

The ban escalated from 24 hours to 48 hours. By the end of the second day, my entire account was disabled. I have launched a Facebook inquiry, shared below. I’m also attaching the post that got me banned.


Post that triggered the ban

As a sign of protest, I will not be engaging on Facebook under a new account. I demand Facebook restore my old account in full standing. Here is a screen shot of my Facebook inquiry to restore my account: 

Facebook Case Inquiry.ShireenQudosi

I will be writing on this experience to share the day and night difference of Muslim leaders in how they treat women privately behind closed doors and their public face. I’m also using this experience of being silenced to draw attention to the hundreds of thousands of Muslim critical thinkers around the world – especially women – who are silenced daily.

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The most dangerous thing a woman has is her voice. The second most dangerous thing is her pen.

These people who use culture and religion to control true freedom are afraid of people who are wildly free. And they should be.
The order of things has to – and will – change.
In Love,
Shireen Qudosi