Imbolc/Lammas Seasonal Moment @ EarthGaia

greetings of the Seasonal Moment @ EarthGaia – August 7th 1:54 UT (“Universal Time”)
Imbolc/Early Spring and Lammas/Late Summer mirror each other – both may be Moments of dedication
– one to the small particular and unique self … a promise of beauty and life
– and the other to the Deep/Large Self … to whom we belong, in whom we are immersed

ImbolcMoonCourt 9.05.04 pmIn the South of EarthGaia, the light born at the Winter Solstice now grows
it is the Seasonal Moment of Imbolc/Early Spring
a time for tending the Flame of Being

In the North of EarthGaia, the darkness born at the Summer Solstice now grows. It is the Seasonal Moment of Lammas/Late Summer, a time for making sacred our lives
Lammas altar 9.05.00 pm

they are never separate

all global times for the cross-quarter moment can be found here

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Mago Pool Circle

How wonderful, thank you!!!