PaGaian Cosmology On-line Course

September is a good time for Northern Hemisphere people to begin this course, as Autumn rolls in. It is a very rich course, with material that will last you for years … you can keep coming back to it, grazing, following your threads of interest and developing it with your own creativity … some do it for themselves, and some within the context of a group.

A Celebration of Cosmogenesis in the Wheel of the Year

a course and mentoring

through eight Seasonal Moments (Sabbats) of Earth’s journey around Sun – the Solstices, Equinoxes and cross-quarter days

with Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

PaGaian Cosmology is an eco-spirituality grounded in the Pagan/Indigenous tradition of Old Europe, linked to story of the unfolding Universe, and Triple Goddess Poetry. It celebrates the Creativity of the Cosmos, expressed as She – within self, other and All.


Video Introduction: Situating in the Womb of Gaia: a PaGaian Contemplation of Her Creative Place

Mago Pool Circle

Wonderful to see this, Glenys. Now people begin to use “featured image,” which, I think, will make your post more attrative with your ritual image, if you use. Thank you for being the constant for our seasons!

Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah

A wonderful offering. I hope to be able to join you.