Request for Quotes on Sacred Feminine Through Current Affairs Lens:

female perspective

I’m writing an article today about Qandeel Baloch (the Pakistani “Kim Kardashian” who was killed by her brother), France’s Burkini ban (preventing women from covering up), Ibtihaj Muhammad (the Muslim fencer who slams the West) and Huma Abedin’s ties to her mother’s views that subjugate women.

My goal is to show how this is all pointing toward a greater cultural war within feminist issues. And to explore why this is happening among women. In other words, how to understand it and how to talk about it.

I welcome any quotes that you think fit into this perspective. I welcome new perspectives too. If you want to be quoted, please include your name and profession and any backlinks you want. Just a small reminder: the audience is not as open-minded as us, so we have to guide them to the sacred feminine using language and concepts they understand. This means I can’t talk about Goddess.

Unfortunately, I have a pretty quick turn around time. I’ll be wrapping this up by 5pm PT today.


Shireen Qudosi