Upcoming 2016 Nine Day Solstice Celebration heads up

2015 9DSC posterHeads up on 2016 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration (NDSC): Kaalii Cargill and I have agreed to continue to do the tradition this year. Please see last year’s program:
NDSC accepts video or audio presentations (3-60 min), previously recorded and published in Youtube or Vimeo (We need URL). We can handle and want as many as presentations as possible. No problem!
Why do we do this: To combat the patriarchal/commercial/capitalist holiday culture; to proclaim the continuity of the S/HE time/space during these months; to call for solidarity among Life-serving Goddess/Mago people; to dream together for future; to solidify our common history in the Great Goddess; to help individuals and communities grow in connection, etc.
Possible topics:
2016 Goddess books,
Top 10 News to Change the World for the WE in S/HE,
Seasonal celebrations,
How I create Goddess artworks,
What my Goddess products are,
My Goddess poetry reading,
My story of healing the mother wound,
Goddess pilgrimage,
Why 2016 special to me as Goddessians/Magoists,
My 2016 Goddessian accomplishments
(Please suggest more)
We are considering creating 9 Mago Pod Newsletters for 9 days to introduce your personal and organization activities. Would you like to submit your data?
This year will be Dec 13-Dec 21 (Solistice). Yet, we need a lot of help and support from many others. Your input and suggestions are welcome below. Or join us in our discussion in The Mago Circle, Facebook Group!