2017 Mago Work Calendar, forthcoming, Seeks Data for Classified Promotions

2017 calendar coverMago Books is happy to announce our first forthcoming 2017 The Mago Work Calendar, which will include: Moon Phases, 24 Seasonal Marks, Worldwide Ancient Goddess Feasts, Worldwide Holidays and Days for Women, Indigenous Peoples, Nature. You can add your own special days!

We are seeking personal or organizational data to be included in the page for classified promotions from artists, writers, and publishers who have been closely or loosely connected with the Mago Work for the past 5 years. Please fill out the form below and email (magoism@gmail.com) to Dr. Helen Hwang. Deadline: Sept 25, 2016 or ongoing thereafter for other venues such as Mago Pool Circle (https://www.magopoolcircle.net) and/or Mago Pod Newsletters.

It is free of charge but donations are most appreciated:

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