Life Lessons From A Parakeet

Five birds on a treetop
Five birds on branches
The vain parakeet —
I watch her in wonder.
She preens and cleans,
leaving no part of her body
I smile, thinking of us women
Whether we could spend
half an hour on shringaar
every morning…
Pampering, preening.
Meanwhile dawn gives way
to morning as a pigeon
flies by, wings furiously
moving, yet in slow motion
for me.
The sky is dusty haze,
like my iPhone tells me —
27 degrees Haze.
As I think of the bluer than blue
skies of West Drayton,
smiling, I come back to watching
the parakeet as she preens.
She does not care
about other birds, what they sing,
what the weather is like.
She preens, taking care of her body.
And as I watch, I realise
it is not vanity, this is nature.
Preening is natural, needed, vital.
And as the sun rises higher,
she gracefully flies away.
Life Lessons From A Parakeet, © Jhilmil Breckenridge, September 29, 2016