Search for Mago Artists/Illustrators and Writers for Mago Books Projects

frontMago Books seeks Mago artists and writers for various projects on Mago and Magoism! One may apply for both categories. And you can apply as a group. Your works can be made into books (with artworks and stories), deck cards, posters, calendars, and/or other possible products, published and distributed by Mago Books.

Category (1): Artists/illustrators to create images and icons on Mago, the Great Goddess, in various media including painting, mandala, poster, drawing, and sculpture.

Category (2): Writers who can write stories for adults and/or children.

Salient topics on Magoism include: The Magoist Cosmogony, Mago Stronghold, Mago Genealogy, the mytho-history of Magoism, Mago folk stories, Mago Place-names and more.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form and email it to Dr. Helen Hwang ( We will accept the application by three deadlines on a perennial basis (Oct. 31, March 31, and July 31).

Upon submitting the application, you will receive the PDF copy of my book, The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia (Volume 1), the list of articles and future books by Dr. Hwang.

If you are selected, the hardcopy of The Mago Way color book will be mailed to you.

Commissions: To be determined upon the quality of your work and the degree of Dr. Hwang’s consultation:

For artworks or writings (30-50% of the net income from book sales).

For artworks and writings (50-70% of the net income from sales).

Dr. Helen Hwang will be the consultant and make the final selection for your artwork and/or writing. If you are chosen, we will discuss how the project can be proceeded alongside the timeline. And the Contract Form will be sent to you upon the official undertaking of the project.


  • Your work may be published in the websites of Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Books, Mago Academy, Mago Work Calendar and other Mago-related websites and social media.
  • PDF or Electronic copies of Dr. Hwang’s updated oeuvre on Mago and Magoism.
  • Discounted rate upon registration for Mago Work’s programs including online classes, Mago Pilgrimages, and books and products by Mago Books.

Application form:

Your name and contact info (mailing address, email and phone number). If you represent a group, please include your group members’ names and contact info:


List of your works, publication and/or website (attach your updated CV or resume):


Category and topics of your interest:


Your media for artworks/illustrations (for artists) and/or writing samples including summary (for writers):