The Divine Feminine App Version Two Kickstarter Campaign

I AM NOT ASKING FOR A DONATION … okay, I just wanted to clear that up, starting Day 4 of the 30 day Kickstarter campaign, I am both amazed at the support that there has been … and wondering if we will make it. We are at 6% – $1228, and Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING, so we have a ways to go. So I wanted to clear a few things up, as some people who I really thought would pledge [hint/hint], have not. I know, I know, you’re waiting to make this exciting 😉 but go ahead and do it now, please. A few points:
1. THIS IS NOT A DONATION, this is BUYING A THREE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Version Two for HALF OFF and in doing so, ENABLING Version Two to be made. Yea, you!! Seriously, this will affect women!! If you don’t believe that, then you’ve never been to a Women’s Circle or an Event like these.
2. If you ALREADY HAVE A WOMEN’S CIRCLE, you will still get benefit from Version Two of the App as you will be staying abreast of what is going on with your favorite hosts, finding new favorite hosts, and virtually meeting people world-wide.
3. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A WOMEN’S CIRCLE, but want one, THIS IS FOR YOU!! The blog post I wrote yesterday got almost 1000 hits and almost as many likes and so many women saying, ‘I wish, but not around here …’ RIDICULOUS!! EVERYWHERE, there are women who want to meet in this way (right Molly Remer ?, c’mon Saint Louis people, if Molly can find them, so can you!) and Version Two of the DF App is GOING TO HELP YOU FIND THEM!!
4. IF YOU HOST EVENTS OR CIRCLES, Version Two of the App is going to make it easier to reach the women with notifications on their smartphones and emails!! One of the main functions of the App is to make it easier for women to find Events and Circles such as your’s that are by them and to organize/be reminded of these events. Version Two will help you reach more women with what you have to offer!!
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST 5. Signing up now COSTS NOTHING. You can commit to $25 and IT WILL NOT be charged UNTIL we make the $19k.
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Karen Moon

(You can see the original version which is and will always remain free here: )


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