Join MPC’s Collective Interactive Calendar Writers

Dear registered members of Mago Pool Circle (MPC),

We are happy to announce that the Collective Interactive Calendar is live now. The calendar is accessible in Mago Pool Circle’s website (the third from the top on the right sidebar). Click the Mago Pool Circle logo and you will enter the Readers Calendar.

MPC Readers Calendar

We would like to offer you an opportunity to become a calendar writer who can enter data on your events and updates throughout the year. [Prerequisite: You need to become a registered member of MPC. Join now, if you new to MPC. As of today, we have all 93 registered members.]

If you belong to one of the following, please email Mago Academy ( for the calendar writer’s access and info on how to enter your data:

As you will see in the Readers Calendar, our readers can view details of our events and updates. Also they can be shared to social media instantly. Also its URL can be shared in website widgets and pages by our readers and users as well.

Happy Solstice Day 7 blessings to all in WE!

Mago Pool Circle admin circle