Solstice Meditations – Yule and Summer

“At the Solstices, it is the Communion aspect, the Mother face of Goddess, that is central – as I understand it. Both are Gateways: at Winter Solstice it is Birth into Being – which is a separation … the placenta tearing away from the womb, the differentiation of bursting into form, yet it is also a union, a meeting. At Summer Solstice, it is birth into Larger Self, a pouring forth of being – which is a separation by dissolution, breaking down form, a melting of differentiated form back into the Creative Pot: yet it is also a re-union with the Source of Being. The form (born at Winter Solstice) finds its “purpose” at Summer Solstice. Its purpose is to be poured forth, to be Gift. It always was Gift, …”

Yule/Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice/Litha Meditations from a PaGaian perspective for $2.80 available on this page

and also the whole set of seasonal ritual meditations … all highly praised.