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“Divine Gathering” is one of the transliterations of Sinsi (神市), the gynocentric civilization of Danguk (ca. 3898 BCE-ca. 2333 BCE) founded by Goma, the Magoist shaman ruler known in the pre-patriarchal East Asia and beyond. It was revived as intercultural expositions in later times. It is the prototype of female-centered festivals in which material/spiritual/cultural resources of the Mother Earth are celebrated and shared abundantly beyond boarders.

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MPC administrators will reviewing your application to Divine Gathering Bloggers. If you are already an author, please make your posts. One must have made the minimum of three posts that are aligned with the spirit of gift-sharing before submitting your bio including your website information. If you registered after January 10, 2017, please make comments to previously published posts by our users at least 9 times before submitting your bio including your website information. Help us acquainted with your works and purposes in any manner that you would like.


If you are newly approved as a Divine Gathering Blogger or Artist, please make and publish a bio post with the title of your name, “Max Dashu” for example. In it, you can create your own blogger front post with your bio data (length unlimited) and head-shot image. You can be creative and make it informative for your works in general. At the top or somewhere in the post, add this “See the list of my Mago Pool Circle posts” and link that to the URL of all your MPC posts provided below. To know the URL of all your MPC posts, just click your name linked below and copy and paste the web address. For example, Max’s URL is: Once your bio post is published, MPC administrator will draw some of your bio data and head-shot image and add and link it to the page.

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