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Dr Lila Moore

Dr Lila Moore is the founder of The Cybernetic Futures Institute, an online academy for study of the spiritual in film and art, technoetic arts, screen dance, and the exploration of consciousness. The courses and workshops take place online and in central London.

Lila is an artist film-maker, screen choreographer, networked performance and ritual practitioner, educator and theorist. The CFI is based on her post-doctoral project at Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University (2015). Dr Moore holds a practice-based Ph.D. degree in Dance on Screen (2001) from Middlesex University and an M.A. in Film from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. She researched film and the spiritual as Associate Research Fellow, London Metropolitan University, and has been teaching B.A. courses in Cinema and Spirituality, Film and Ritual as well as The Spiritual in Art as part of a BA in Mysticism and Spirituality at Zefat Academic College (2013-2017). She has presented her work internationally in academic conferences, cultural organisations, art galleries and networked platforms.

This year Dr Lila Moore offers online classes and courses on Maya Deren and the Goddess. Her research of Maya Deren’s work began in 1989, formed the basis of her PhD which was awarded in 2001 and has also informed her recent postdoctoral project. Her PhD is distributed as an educational package by Contemporary Arts Media, Australia and artfilms, UK. She has presented many papers that address the work of Maya Deren in academic conferences, and articles that she wrote were published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Maya Deren and the Goddess is the first course worldwide that interweaves the exploration of Deren’s films and ideas with special reference to the filmmaker’s preoccupation with the Goddess, not only as an artist and theorist, but as an initiated Voudoun priestess. The course will also include specially designed online rites that ensure a field for compassionate learning, as well as celebrate and empower women’s creativity and vision.

Dr Lila Moore is a UK certified Life Coach and graduate of Feminine Power Mastery programme. As a young woman in her twenties, she was mentored by a wise woman, Gypsy Romani, in London and provided numerous insightful Tarot readings which in turn enabled her to pay for her living expenses and peruse her academic studies and creative work. She thereby brings a wealth of experience and rich knowledge to her classes and rites.

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