New Moon Meditation

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The New Moon — also referred to as the “Dark Moon” — is the time in which we are to call to us that which we want to manifest in the coming cycle. It is the Dark Moon because the side of the moon which faces the Earth does not reflect the Light of the Sun, thus rendering it invisible to us. Although invisible, Her power can be strongly felt and the inner-g which is shed is potent for manifestation.

The rising of the New Moon in Aquarius happened on January 27th, at 7:07 p.m. Eastern time.

There is a 2-3 day period prior to, as well as the same 2-3 day period following the New Moon in which Auntie Luna’s inner-g is at its peak. During this period, we should seek to set our intentions and align them with our Divine plan. The power of the Divine Feminine — Goddess — is potent and our connection to Her can be heightened through ritual and being consciously present to this moment in time.

A simple ritual we can begin to incorporate into our lives during the time of the New Moon encompasses meditation, writing in our journals, and creating. Creating = Manifestation and that is exactly our Goddess-given task: manifesting… When we strive to manifest, especially at the rising of the New Moon, we are keeping our part of the bargain. We are causing and creating for Self that which will be used for the highest good of all.

If you are new or unfamiliar with ritual, I created a very simple one on my blog, complete with a guided meditation, that you can use. I encourage you to begin to include ritual regularly in your creative spiritual practice. It will align your intentions with the path which Goddess has laid in front of you.

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Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

I am an author, artist, Reiki Master, and crystal energy healer. I offer the tools of visual journaling and painting to women as a means to re-member their Self, transcend, and emerge authentically. Through the creative spiritual practice of the Kintsugi Living Method which I developed, I help women realize their dream of living a life of abundance and gratitude. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have used this very tool to heal Self and now I offer it to others. It is a gift from Goddess — one which She reminds me to share daily through introducing women to me whom I have had no previous contact. Women who are seeking a creative spiritual practice that will bring them closer to Goddess and heal their lives. It is through these Divine connections that I have come to know what Goddess has devised as my path and now walk it without fear, bringing along with me all those who seek the Light of the Divine She through art + words.