Seeds of Activism

Activists pop up in each major city

Like grass through a crack in the sidewalk

Through the broken system we rise

Proof of life’s resistance to the destructive system we’ve created.

Slowly but surely we break down the walls

Out pours art, music, poetry, novels

Filled with the passion we were told to keep down

Keep quiet, crush our resistance with rules

Codes of Conduct, Religions, Promises

Of Peace, Happiness, Material Things

But we know better.

We know the angst in your soul

We see the misery produced

Not just for those who buy in

But everywhere surrounding them.

Children starving, women killed by remote control

We see the oceans dying, the rainforests felled

We see that greed begets greed

And we won’t sit idly by any longer.

We stand for factory workers on the other side of the world.

We stand for indigenous peoples, wanting only to continue to live peacefully.

We stand for families living in fear of destruction raining from the sky.

We stand for child soldiers, child prostitutes, child workers.

We stand for fast food workers, Wal-Mart Slaves, and corporate whipping boys.

We stand for the new generation of human kind, and our animal brethren.

We stand for our Mother Earth and Father Sky.

We will not be broken; We will not be stopped.

Each one who falls will be held up by our collective resolve.


Daphne Moon

Daphne Moon has studied many forms of ceremony and circle and draws inspiration most directly from Hindu scripture, Yogic teachings, Dianic circles, and Lakota practices. Her ceremony allows for many levels of participation, giving each individual the opportunity to join or witness at their level of comfort and desire. She has been practicing yoga since a car accident in 2006 and has been teaching since 2012. Because of her personal struggles with chronic pain from injuries, depression and anxiety since childhood, surviving domestic violence, and rebirthing herself through motherhood, her teaching style is nurturing and gentle while creating strength and stability. Her Sacred Dream is to open a self-sustaining community of spiritual guides, health and wellness practitioners and experts on sustainable food and energy production that acts as a hub of learning, growth, and green living.