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As a survivor of domestic violence and other atrocities against women, I have learned many techniques to get my past the rough patches. Through educating myself and developing my own methodology to process the past and move forward, I have been able to use my past experiences as a bridge to my present. It all informs my future… Daily ritual is the key to this healing process, and the Kintsugi Living Method (KLM) is my creative spiritual practice. One which centers around performing key activities each and every day.

Many people believe in the philosophy of “forgive and forget” — forgive your self and the person(s) who hurt you and forget the incident ever happened. KLM does not encourage you to forget your past (although forgiveness is the key first step in any healing process). Rather, it teaches you how to process those moments and make them more valuable (kintsugi) — a bridge to your next steps…

I have created a KLM Sadhana group here on MPC to share the healing power of KLM: Click Here

Enjoy weekly tidbits on how you can heal your life through visual journaling, a major component of the Method. Help your Self to step-by-step tutorials on how to create your KLM Star Seed and subsequent pages. Learn basic mixed media tips and techniques. Discuss basic supplies and receive “how-to’s”. Share how you visual journal and how you apply KLM in your life. Encourage each other and be encouraged.

All are welcome!

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More about Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates

I am an author, artist, Reiki Master, and crystal energy healer. I offer the tools of visual journaling and painting to women as a means to re-member their Self, transcend, and emerge authentically. Through the creative spiritual practice of the Kintsugi Living Method which I developed, I help women realize their dream of living a life of abundance and gratitude. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have used this very tool to heal Self and now I offer it to others. It is a gift from Goddess — one which She reminds me to share daily through introducing women to me whom I have had no previous contact. Women who are seeking a creative spiritual practice that will bring them closer to Goddess and heal their lives. It is through these Divine connections that I have come to know what Goddess has devised as my path and now walk it without fear, bringing along with me all those who seek the Light of the Divine She through art + words.