What is Writers Circle in MPC? And how to begin?

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Dear Mago Pool Circle (MPC) authors and readers,

We are happy to announce that we have now the “Writers Circle” group formed in MPC website.


We are a circle of writers who have published, are writing, or will publish in the fields of feminism, activism, Goddessism and/or in the general topic of that nature (educational, inspirational, and awakening). We want to share a section of writing in any stage (including insight or draft) for feedback, discussion, and connection in a casual and friendly manner.

If you (MPC author or Writers Circle member) have something to share, please make a post just like in the way you make a post for other topics. Even if you are not a Writers Circle member yet, don’t worry. One of our members including Writers Circle Administrators will send you an invite to join us.

A post can be open to public, if a writer intends to. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to comment to it needs to register MPC (Subscribers can comment).

If you want to make your post a password projected, choose the option “Password protected” in “Visibility” on the right side option panel. It is located below “Save Draft” button. Create and enter your password and share it with Writers Circle group members. You can simply write a message in the Group, “I have just created a Writers Circle post and password is xxx.” By now, you know where to go and open your group. “Groups” you joined are found at the top menu of the website.

If you want to open it to the public, just publish your post (default Visibility is set for Public).

As of now, we have members (if you are bloggers or authors, we will reach out to you by sending out a friend request first and an invite to the group thereafter):

Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Administrator)
Kaalii Cargill (Administrator)
Spider Redgold
Sumaiyah Yates
Glenys Livingstone
Phibby Venable

Welcome again and hope we can use Writers Circle group to explore ways to help and connect with one another. Please leave a message below if have questions or comments.

Divine Gathering and Benefiting all in WE!