Equinox – Autumn/Spring @ EarthGaia March 2017

Equinox Dawn, MoonCourt, Australia

The Seasonal Moment of Equinox @ EarthGaia as She spins around Mother Sun occurs at 10:29 UT on March 20th – the first Equinox for this Gregorian calendar year of 2017, and it is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  You can see a model of Earth’s orbit and also a telling of some of the astronomical science here … and all global times of the Equinox Moment (Autumn and Spring) may be found at archaeoastronomy.com.

… in the celebration of Spring Equinox (“Eostar” as it may be named) where the theme and experience of your place at this time may be the joy and return of growth and flowers to the land, it actually requires the recognition of the compost that this beauty emerges from: the source of the joy in the sacred Return is the grief for what had/has been lost, as one emerges with power to act.

Autumn Equinox (“Mabon” as it may be known) is a time for the grieving for all that has been lost … and yet we may do so graciously, remembering the abundance received in every moment just by the fact of existence: Autumn Equinox is an appropriate Moment for thanksgiving, and expressing joy for what has been received, for the “harvest” of the moment – which has always had a cost, and may be the cause of awesome grief.

Demeter and Persephone, The Heart of the Goddess, Hallie Iglehart Austen

This creative tension of resistance and expansion, the creative edge of grief and joy are never separate. It is a thread of Creativity flowing through space-time that may be celebrated in the Spring or the Autumn: it may be imagined as the delicate balance of the “curvature of space-time” that enables all to come forth. That is a part of what I see in the ancient image of Demeter handing the wheat to Persephone. The Mother hands the Young One – “Daughter” is Her title – everything, awesome knowledge: it is passed on, and it requires descent and return.

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