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Three rays of light that create nine corners represents the Nine Mago Creatrix.

Mago Academy is happy to announce that Gynapedia, a free online gynocentric encyclopedia, is live to the public view! Visit us

Welcome to Gynapedia, a free online gynocentric encyclopedia.Gynapedia is a gift-sharing project supported by The Mago Work, a group of collaborative projects including Mago Pool Circle[1], Return to Mago E-Magazine[2], Mago Academy[3], and Mago Books[4]. Administered by Gynapedia Administration Circle, Gynapedia is a collective endeavor to serve the general public as well as feminists, activists, and Godessians, broadly defined. In addition to be a compendium of comprehensive topics, Gynapedia intends to promote network and collaboration among her users across cultures and geographies. This is an English version of Gynapedia.

The concrete idea of Gynapedia[5] came into being in January 2017 as an extension of Mago Pool Circle[6], co-founded byHelen Hye-Sook Hwang. Hwang proposed the idea of a free online encyclopedia to be implemented to Mago Sisters. Kaalii Cargillsuggested the Mediawiki platform. The name Gynapedia owes to Kaalii Carill and Mago Sisters who supported it. Spider Redgold conducted the installation of Mediawiki. Sumaiyah Dymonz undertook the task of Local Settings management. Hwang coordinated tasks among the Administration Circle, while continuing to build the basic structure of Gynapedia. For the first year, Gynapedia Administration Circle includes Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates, Spider Redgold, Kaalii Cargill. Mediawiki Management Circle includes Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates and Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.

Gynapedia is using the platform called Mediawiki[7], a free software created and used by and for Wikipedia[8]. Note that Gynapedia is operated independently from Wikpeida especially during the first year. Find out how Gynapedia differs from Wikipedia in Gynapedia:Author’s Handbook. Registered Users, unlike Wikipedia, will be given the right of editing at Stage II, date to be announced.

Recently Updated

For all Users, see Gynapedia:User’s Handbook.For all Authors, see Gynapedia: Author’s Handbook as well as Gynapedia:User’s Handbook.

In order to create a page, one must become Author. Authors can create and edit pages for one’s own topics and/or topics by others.

Necessary Qualifications:

Skilled or capable of self-training in creating and editing pages in Wikipedia.
Researched, published, or taught topics on feminism, activism, and Goddess Spirituality.
Familiar with the general landscape of scholarship, research, movement, and creative projects on feminism, activism, and Goddess Spirituality.

For details, see here[10] to become Author, Patroller, and/or Advisor and here[11] to become Author. Important: Upon registration, email your user name to Gynapedia Admin Circle ( so that we can assign you to the Author’s user group.

Gynapedia is operated by volunteers and we are seeking volunteers (Authors, Patrollers, and Advisors) to help start and management. If you are interested, please email your application to Gynapedia Administration Circle ( For application, see here[12].

Collective Writing Pages are available in the following:Goddess
Mary Daly
Audre Lorde
Gloria Anzaldua
Barbara Mor
Lydia Ruyle
Your Shero![13]

Anyone or any group interested in providing a section or the overall structure of the article, please email Gynapedial Admin Circle ( Or consider becoming Author. See here[14].

Who is your shero, mentor, or teacher? Who has influenced you to become a feminist, activist, or Goddessian? As a feminist, activist, and Goddessian, who do you want the world know? Write about her in Gynapedia. Mother-daughter, friends, and a group can collectively create a page. For details, see here[15].

Gynapedia Free Workshop #1, Tutorial for Authors, see details here[16]