Gynapedia Free Workshop #1: Tutorial for Authors

Three rays of light that create nine corners represents the Nine Mago Creatrix.

What is Gynapedia? “Administered by Gynapedia Administration Circle, Gynapedia is a collective endeavor to serve the general public as well as feminists, activists, and Godessians, broadly defined. In addition to be a compendium of comprehensive topics, Gynapedia intends to promote network and collaboration among her users across cultures and geographies. This is an English version of Gynapedia.” (Continue reading).

Mago Academy is offering the first workshop as follows:

Duration: 50 min

Tool: Group Skype

Date: Undetermined

Time: To be determined between 2PM-4PM (PDT) or 5PM-7PM (EDT) in the US, which is 8AM-10AM of the following day in Melbourne, Australia. Please indicate your preferred time in your application below.

Facilitators: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Kaalii Cargill

Deadline for application: March 31 (for #1 workshop) and ongoing.

Application: Please fill out below and email it to Gynapedia Admin Circle ( Add “Gynapedia Workshop” in the subject. Your check-marked items may or may not be covered within one workshop. A subsequent workshop will be offered on a regular basis.

1. Name and Skype user name:
2. Email:
3. I am registered in Gynapedia (Yes, No). “Create account” tab is located at the top right corner next to “Login”.

If yes, my user name is:

4. I am Author (Yes, No) or Patroller (Yes, No).

If yes, I have created these pages:

5. I understand that Gynapedia is using Mediawiki, Wikipedia’s free software (Yes, No).
6. I understand how Gynapedia differs from Wikipedia (Yes, No).
7. I need the following to be covered (mark as many as possible) during the workshop:

a.    Create & Edit Page (      ). Check multiple items below:

Table of contents


Internal links

External links



Placement (center, left, right)

Font Color

Font Size


b.    Images (      ). Check multiple items below:







c.    Cite Sources (      ). Check multiple items below:

In-text citation



8. Other contents to be covered:



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