Mago Pod Newsletter, March 2017 BE #18

The name Mago Pod is borrowed from a pod of whales who stay together throughout their lifetimes and travel across oceans.


Forthcoming Projects

Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess by November 1, 2017.

Mago Books offers an interactive ebook formatting service and other services for books on all subjects.

Mago Academy hosts on-line classes including Introduction to Magoism.

The Mago Work Updates

Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates joins the Mago Work as Web Engineering Advisor and Formatting/Publishing Editor for Mago Books.

What is Writers Circle in Mago Pool Circle? And how to begin?

Meet Mago Pool Circle Bloggers and Artists!

Mago Books offers free 2017 Mago Work Calendar!

Gynapedia, Fee Online Gynocentric Encyclopedia

Gynapedia Author’s Handbook

Mago Books

We have a new page, She Rises, in Gynapedia!

Go to Mago Bookstore!

Mago Books website moved to a new server!

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Mago Academy

Korean Historical Dramas Free Open Forum Live from Feb. 14 till April 4!

Perennial: Online class Introduction to Magoism can be taken as Independent Study! 

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