(Book Review) She Rises Volume 1 by Dr. Lila Moore

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The anthology, She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality, is a collection of writings that engages with, and explores, the phenomenon of the Goddess from three main standpoints. It commenced with the question; “Why Goddess”, and not with a statement on the Goddess, thus allowing the query to develop through a collective and co-creative process of reflection and analysis. The exploration is set in motion through the skillful and inspired form of the book, which was thoughtfully structured and compiled by the editors Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Trista Hendren, Wennifer Lin, and Kaalii Cargill.

The book’s structure corresponds with the three standpoints through which the engagement with the Goddess is addressed: 1. Feminism, 2.Activism, 3. Spirituality. The result is a compelling, often deeply personal and scholarly introduction to the three different aspects that constitute the complex contemporary phenomenon of the feminine in relation to the Goddess. The notion of the Goddess is no longer confined to passive devotion or chiefly dependent on biological motherhood, but is interwoven with strands of ecofeminism, political activism, feminist theories, and emerging forms and ideas of spirituality and culture.

One of the striking features of the publication is its non-hierarchal, accomplished arrangement of texts, ranging from personal reflections, poems and art works to essays by principal authors and leaders of the Goddess Movement and Feminist Spirituality including Starhawk, Carol Christ, Max Dashu, Glenys Livingstone, Vicki Noble, and other important contributors. The diversity of texts by women of different backgrounds and age groups, nationalities and cultures serves to emphasise the often invisible links between personal, scholarly and collective experience. Moreover, it highlights the fabric of the rising feminine as She continues to evolve and transform throughout the generations.

Overall, the anthology provides a reliable account of the relevance of the Goddess as an active and transformative cultural force. It should be regarded as an essential reading for those interested in feminist spirituality and the Goddess revival. She Rises is a valuable contribution to women’s studies and also a deeply moving and authentic personal resource for feminine self-empowerment.

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