(HH Essay) US-North Korea Conflict and Peace Prayer

Candle Protest by South Koreans, 2016. Source: Facebook page of Shaun King

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your concern about what is apparently happening between the heads of these two nations. Nonetheless, as we know, the conflict between them is indeed not limited to the people of those two nations. First of all, it directly affects South Korea. It also involves China, Russia and Japan. Ironically, the seemingly escalated military tension in the Korean Peninsular does not come across as a threat to South Koreans for the good or bad, I don’t know. The Korean people have undergone unspeakable mistreatments by its neighboring states, China and Japan historically, and Japan, the U.S. and Western powers in modern times. If this conflict ignites a military attack from any side, that will open the door to WWIII. I mean it must NOT happen.

I suggest an act of Peace Prayer that anyone can do for the political situation of the Korean Peninsula and, of course, peace for the world.By doing it, you will be in touch with your own ancestors, nature, and the universe. It is a traditional way of what mothers do, which I think has to do with the luni-centric worldview. Koreans have a lot to contribute to the world through their yet-to-be-claimed Magoist histories and cultures, that I know.

Source: http://m.blog.daum.net/dlwndtlf3/9703

This is how one can do: Prepare a bowl of clean water (the cleanest water that you can get, in old days, Korean women draw it from a well at dawn). This is called Jeonghwa-su (정화수 cleansed water). Water and the Moon are the symbols of female power that pacifies the world and the universe. Mothers do this prayer at night or dawn. Place it outside where the moon light can touch. It is usually the back yard where mothers keep their pottery jars of preserved foods for all year around, 장독대. Or in the kitchen where women prepare foods. If you prefer somewhere indoor, then you can imagine the scene. Wish for the Peace of US-North Korean conflict. You may say, “Peace to US-North Korea“. Or just keep the positive thought when you think of the escalating tension.

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The political situation is complex and has a historical root.

There is no question that the US people are far more informed about North Korea now than last November, for example. I am encountering such headlines as below for the past week or so, which would have never been available about 10 months ago.

Now I get to hear about Guam, wherein the US military base for the advancement of East Asia and South Asia, is located and Okinawa, Japan. I also hear that US is reducing the military force from Okinawa, which is a good thing for Okinawans who have protested for it for many years. Bad news is that US is pressing South Korea to build a naval base in Gangjeong, Jeju.

That said, it is highly possible that those nasty war-mongering talks between them could be a false flag to hide something that is worse and bigger on both governments. The point is that we, the public, are kept
away from what is actually happening in their secrete offices. They may be making a deal on something behind the scene, speaking from previous incidences. They send delegates and phone to deal about who knows what.

Canada seems to have done a right thing. It sent a political representative to North Korea last week to ease the tension.

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Thank you for reading this. If something worse happens, I will have to write again to seek help.

Respectfully in Sisterhood.


I will be proud and appreciative to pray with you until the tensions subside. Thank you for sharing.

Rosemary Mattingley

Thank you very much for bringing us the traditional Peace Prayer, so sorely needed at this time. The region is indeed a locus of conflict weaving through ancient and modern times, and affecting the wider world. May the prayer bring healing and understanding to all involved and those whose lives they touch.