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“We have to learn now to live in the future that we are fighting for, rather than compromising in the vain hope of a future that is always deferred, always unreal.” -Mary Daly
After much thought, I have decided to discontinue The Girl God Calendar. Reading the Mago Almanac sealed my decision.
If we are ever to reverse patriarchal thought, we much reach to the roots of our oppressions. The brilliance of patriarchy is that it is so subliminal and insidious. Until reading Hwang’s Mago Almanac, I had never given much thought to the patriarchal calendar – even though I have produced one for 5 years – aside from my growing annoyance of trying to incorporate the moon phases into a more “traditional” calendar. I have come to realize the idiocy of trying to incorporate liberation for women into a completely patriarchal idea. For this reason, I will stop producing my Girl God Calendar, and direct others toward the Mago calendar. As Audre Lorde wrote, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” We need that house dismantled, yesterday! Let our calendars and other intentions echo that thought. Our calendars shape our days and our very lives. Let us begin the process of weeding out every single thing that blinds us to our power and path to liberation.
“Debunking a patriarchal calendar for what it does is the key to disempowering patriarchy as a whole. As it represents no one to be held accountable, a patriarchal calendar needs no one to disable it because it will wither by itself upon being brought up under the light of the Magoist Calendar. The Magoist calendric task, old in history, is what Magoism contributes to the world in our time, as it has been doing all the time.
The 12 months calendar is a patriarchal invention intended to replace the earlier 13 month sidereal calendar…The 29.5 day lunar calendar has prevented us from seeing what the moon actually does… In order to disconnect the moon cycle and women’s fertility cycle, patriarchal calendars removed the 13th month and made 12 months in a year. That consequently reshuffled the number of days in a month. The Gregorian Calendar has an irregular number of days from 30 and 31 with 28 or 29 for February. The Sinocentric lunisolar calendar placed 29 or 30 according to the synodic cycle of the moon. To avoid the 13th month, both calendars have resorted to a considerable degree of discrepancy to be covered up with leap days and leap years in a complicated manner.” -Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, MAGO ALMANAC
You can check out the Mago Almanac here.

Goodbye for now…
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