(AR Essay) The Solar Eclipse of August 2017 by Amina Rodriguez

The eclipse was very meaningful to me on many levels. It was an event I am glad we decided to witness. We had made plans to drive to South Carolina from Florida to witness the eclipse and finally due to the weather decided to drive up to Tennessee. It was something we had wanted to do to experience the mountains there, I had never been. Experiencing mountainous areas is something of a dream hobby for me and the waterfalls call out to me. I loved the experience of the powerful water cleansing my entire being. I had been longing to experience that for so long and the eclipse brought me to it. Following nature’s flow has brought me to do things I used to believe were not achievable for me. I refrained from even considering the possibility of doing things I would have loved to do such as photography for many years thinking it was not possible for me, so surrounded by limitations I was as a child and then my own self-imposed limitations.

I wasn’t sure if I could get a picture of the eclipse on my camera and seeing the picture appear on the screen was just as magical for me as witnessing it. To me, this eclipse was symbolic of the beginning of a new era and the exposing of the shadow self for integration, it’s symbolic of this time of purification through exposure of all that has been hidden from the collective consciousness. For me, the feeling of this era is one of individual unification through creativity, a new renaissance of sorts; this transition we’re a part of is a magical one albeit emotional at times. The light within us is beginning to shine through enough that we can see the absurdity of the lens filters on a more collective level. The beliefs that have held us back as individuals and as a species are exposed for all to see and to override them with new stories of peace and freedom for all. Peace between men and women and peace between the heart and the mind, true unity consciousness.