(Announcement) MPC Classifieds and Simplified Blogging

MPC is finally able to operate a new capacity, Classifieds, which was part of our original vision at the time of our beginning in April 2016! MPC Classifieds is here to serve and empower us, Goddess feminist activists broadly defined, who are in need of supporting ourselves in order to continue our commitment to the Gift Economy, the Way of Mother Nature. Yes, MPC was founded to implement the Gift Economy among Goddess feminist activists by the hand of volunteers and supporters. Genevieve Vaughan, MPC Advisor, writes about the Gift Economy as:

“We are born into a Gift Economy practiced by those who mother us, enabling us to survive. The economy of exchange, quid pro quo, separates us from each other and makes us adversarial, while gift giving and receiving creates mutuality and trust… We distinguish between gift and exchange, in order to understand them both and to finally phase out exchange altogether.” (From The Gift Economy)

MPC Classifieds is free for MPC users. New users can begin by filling out a form, Get Started. Our administrative team will review and enter your data accordingly in the Classifieds Page and notify you upon upgrading you to Author in a timely manner (until you are upgraded to Author, you may continue to use the form).

MPC Authors and Bloggers can make a Classified post in the same way that they would make a new post with one exception that they need to upload an image or more in “Gallery” (this is an equivalent to the featured image in a post). New Authors may like to visit How to Join/Post Mago Pool Circle.

Here is an instruction summary: In the Dashboard (Administration Panel), go to “Classifieds” (located under “Posts”) and choose “Add New.” You may set a date for its expiration in “Expires” located under “Published on.” Choose and click one item under “Categories” (You can create a new category with the understanding that it may not be shown on the front page sidebar). Add an image or more in “Gallery”. That is all it takes, no need to modify anything in that page.

General points: Since MPC is now using a number of plugins, the general method of making a post is much simplified. For example, one does not need to add “a featured image” since the first image that you upload will be automatically added.

Hope you join and start posting today!
Co-founder, Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, September 6, 2017