(GV Report) On 2017 International Transpersonal Psychology by Genevieve Vaughan

I heard this song (pasted in below) in the taxi coming back from the conference in Prague on Transpersonal Psychology, a movement  started some 50 years ago by Stanislaw Grof. The conference was mostly about contact with the conscious universe with or without various mind altering substances. There was a lot of talk about the environmental and cultural crisis but mostly they were into achieving a higher consciousness which brings with it they say a feeling of universal love and it seems that somehow in that way  we will achieve peace and solve these urgent problems.  Of course most of them were therapists of some kind so maybe it is not surprising that their focus was so much on the personal. There were probably 1000 people there mostly from Europe and the USA. It was called Beyond Materialism towards Wholeness. The word Patriarchy was hardly mentioned but I was told that the last evening in a session I was not there for, several women made a big protest. I am sorry I did not get to be part of it. Before I heard about it I was feeling pretty depressed. I was given a lousy slot for my talk on the mother based gift economy, at the end of the day after two old fogey boring men and with a very sparse audience. Fortunately, after it was over a few young women came up and told me they liked it.

Anyway I think this trend like so many others lacks other orientation, compassion. They don’t take responsibility for the disasters we are creating for other people worldwide. Maybe I feel that more because I am American and I realize how much my country or at least the powerful in my country have caused disaster for the rest of the world as well as for us. But a lot of AMericans don’t feel like that either.




There was a group there called Conscious Gift Economy www.hearth.net. They say they have 17.000 members for their ‘platform’ which is an online gifting group www.hearth.net (for now only in Czech) I had met the instigator of it in Istanbul when I was invited to a Giftival meeting there. I went to his talk which was well attended and he reminded me we had met. His strategy, like giftival’s is just to get people gifting, to realize how cool it is. Like the rest of the conference it seems to me that what this does not address is needs. Hence the song.