#MeToo (AR Essay) by Amina Rodriguez

Oct 21 2017 – We may just get a more compassionate humanity out of the #MeToo wave. The results have been enlightening for many of us I’m sure. It was definitely liberating and healing to finally see this out in the open but I know this is a process. We will come out of this a better humanity. As more of us heal individually the more empowered we will become to create changes in our world.

I’ve questioned why so many of us feel the need to explain ourselves for our experiences. As if we’re trying to excuse ourselves for all the atrocities that we’ve experienced. It’s not like we have some kind of disorder we are ridding ourselves from individually, we ‘re naming it so that we can discuss it and resolve it. Both women and men need to have discussions about this. I find myself doing it all the time but it’s counter-productive to make it only a woman’s issue to heal. Men need to heal and be educated as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possible if we take responsibility for our own growth and therefore benefit the whole system by communicating with each other honestly and with compassion, moving us into a more empowered stage in our evolution.

We need to name the experiences so that they can be exposed and forgiven. It just requires genuine compassion for the whole and making that our priority. It will benefit everyone if we begin to have these discussions in our personal relationships. We can do this, as a society, as a species. The things coming up around us are a reflection of who we’re becoming so we just need to acknowledge and forgive the experience, ourselves and each other, including perpetrators of injustice so that we can move on. This isn’t always easy but it’s necessary if we are to survive. This does not imply that we remain passive.

We need to place trust in our fellow humans and believe that they will eventually do the same. It’s evolution, it’s inevitable that it will happen. We will change but we need to do this together or we can potentially destroy ourselves. We’re all a part of one organism like cells in our bodies, what happens to others is going to affect us. Things spread like cancer like you see in social media. We are affected and learn from each other all the time. The earth is our other body and we are her cells, we are part of a bigger organism. It’s time we begin to look at ourselves that way.

We’ve been held captive by our judgments of ourselves and each other, through our labels, beliefs, thoughts creating division. We need to face the truth within ourselves and in our societies to challenge ourselves through self-analysis so that we can heal. Stop relying on leaders, politicians, spiritual teachers and gurus to lead the way. I’ve grown weary of just being an observer feeling helpless as the world falls apart. We can create the changes we need but we must begin to re-evaluate what we believe in, the way we view ourselves and others on a continuous basis.

We need to understand each other better. This is what’s important at this point of our evolution. We need to apply conscious listening skills in our societies so that we can begin to empathize between so-called “groups” of humans. I do not claim to do this well but we’re always learning. We ‘re all evolving as a species together with the rest of the earth. I know that united we can create changes rather quickly at this time which will improve our lives.  Once we understand the power of compassion for self and others it becomes easier. There is power in unity. Dare to believe that we have the potential to understand and can change through love from a fearless humanity.