Minerva’s Owls by Mary Petiet Remembering the Divine Feminine to Reenvision the World

“In Minerva’s Owls Mary Petiet weaves a fascinating and colorful web of yoga, healing and Western wisdom traditions. Filled with an infinite knowing of the feminine divine, this slim volume is packed with enduring wisdom. You will recover your deepest self in these pages.” Trista Hendren, author of the Girl God series

The following is an excerpt from my book Minerva’s Owls (Homebound Publications April 2017). Minerva’s Owls seeks to rebalance both the individual and the wider society by remembering and living the life embracing attributes of the divine feminine so we may all progress in a healthy, meaningful way.

Excerpt from Chapter 6, Material World

Consider big oil, which continues to push fossil fuels at huge environmental expense, even as climate change begins to wreak havoc with our weather systems. This is because oil is the cheapest way to fuel our society and it shows acute disconnect on the part of policy makers. The connected response would consider changing our approach to energy to clean and sustainable alternatives.

Consider the media. Part of the clamor in our heads comes from our constant exposure to media endorsed violence. Our entertainment industry is saturating us in violence, from movies to TV shows to video games. We have effectively institutionalized a culture of violence that glorifies an endless number of horrific scenarios. Between that and the constant stream of news media, which also seems to emphasize the darkest aspects of human nature, we are deafened by noise and aggression.

This is the unchecked masculine aspect, running unbridled through the modern consciousness, always begetting further violence. The connected approach would be more measured; it would cease operating from a base of fear. It would rediscover the divine feminine and operate from a base of connection and love.

Clearly our institutions need to change in response to our current circumstances if we are going to continue any sort of tenable habitation of Earth. Both our methods of food production and energy production, and our sensationalist, violence endorsing press and entertainment mechanisms, are examples reflecting too strong an emphasis on the masculine attributes. The values of the sky-bound war gods manifest here as they operate in complete disregard for the earth and depend on force and fear for success. They operate in denial of the planet and our connection to it and to each other.

It is necessary to reintroduce the principle of the divine feminine, to call upon the Great Mother, to balance the current order, so we can change it to something we can, quite literally, live with. On an individual level, once we connect to source and to each other, we understand the Law of Connection and we become a positive part of that change naturally. When our interests, goals, and decisions are informed by connection, they come from a place of love instead of fear and we naturally cease to tolerate the darkness.

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