PaGaian Contribution to On-line Event

… a free on-line event February 11-22, which includes an interview with Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. contributing some PaGaian Cosmology wisdom. The interview is one of some 30 interviews in the event called Elevated Woman, with Glenys’s interview being released on Wednesday February 14th. There will be a link there also to a free gift Glenys offers: the Autumn Equinox meditation from her PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs.
Glenys notes: I had issues with the title of the event: that is, it is my understanding that in Goddess Cosmology one descends to wisdom and Mother-power and knowledge – it is a descent to “sovereignty”. I understand that language is difficult in our cultural context – how to express the rising up of She? In our present cultural context, we almost have no words that retain the integrity of which we wish to speak. Anya Grace who created the event and conducted the interview understood those issues: and a very lovely exchange unfolded.
It is so that all desire “health, wealth, and happiness, and to receive love” – we often just need to understand what those qualities may really mean, and from whence they come. With this event, Anya Grace does some exploration.

To tune in you may click this link

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