New Features, Participation & Membership in Mago Pool Circle (MPC)

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Dear all MPC users and readers,

We are pleased to announce some new fun features and activities that will hep us stay connected and informed in a more personal way.

1. New features include Friends, Messages, Members, and Settings. You can find these new features at the top menu area. This will make our users more visible and open to stay connected! Now, you can set your preferences about your MPC account. Your account panel is located at the right top corner that reads, “Howdy, (Your User Name)”.

This is what is going to show, if you register or make a post from now on:  All registered members will be enlisted by default as “Members” so that others can find and send you friend requests as well as messages.


How to send a friend request: You will see “Add Friend” button at their names under “Members”.

How to send a message to someone: Find “Messages” in your account panel and choose “Compose,” which will take you to the necessary steps.

How to say “Hello” to everyone as well as your friend: Click someone’s name under “Members.” You will see buttons for “Public Message” and “Private Message.” If you click “Public Message” and enter your message after the given phrase “@your friend user name”. Then, click “Post update.” What “@your friend name” does is that you are “mentioning” or “tagging” her. Your public message will show next to your username tab in the “Members” page, to be read by everyone.

How to set your personal preferences:  In your account panel, you can set your options concerning “Profile,” “Notifications” and “Setting”. Having a profile photo and a cover image shown in your account will certainly attract others to connect with you! Just click each of the items and set the as you wish.

2. We are currently inviting you as Collective Interactive Calendar Writers wherever you are located around the globe. Mark your events on MPC Calendar! For details, see here.

Join MPC’s Collective Interactive Calendar Writers

3. We are currently inviting Divine Gathering Bloggers. If you are a contributor to Mago Work Projects and other feminist, activist, Goddessian activities/projects, the Circle of Divine Market Bloggers is here for you to join! For details, see here.

Invitation to Divine Gathering Bloggers & Artists

4. As of today, January 10, 2017, the grace period during which registered members are given the role of “author” is closed. This means, if one registers, s/he will be given the role of “subscriber” who and read and comment to posts only. This is to prevent the misuse of spam users, which we began to attract already. We will hold the grace period (allowing the role of author upon registration) periodically throughout the year, to be announced. Stay tuned! We look forward to a growing circle of feminist, activist, and Goddessian MPC members in the coming months!

How to Join/Post Mago Pool Circle

4. Last but not least, forums and groups will be deployed in a timely manner to improve our connectivity and creativity. Stay tuned!

Mago blessings to all in WE!
MPC Admin Circle

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