Christmas Pain

  We all know it’s been a rough year. And I’m the kind of person who is constantly looking around for someone who has it... Read more

RTM Newsletter #1

“The tree that looks up at the sun grows without limit.” ~Maxim News: Call for Contributions: Special Topics and Four Categories of Contributors. Tell us... Read more

The Kitchen Table Mystic Podcast

The Kitchen Table Mystic, a bi-weekly podcast to connect inspired women, aired this morning! My first interview was with Sherianna Boyle, the fearless author of... Read more

Elegy for Samia

“Pray I come back alive” she texted. Texts to her pal, Laila, perhaps facetious, perhaps foretelling doom? There is no honour in honour killings. There... Read more

Nothing but Perfect

I am not my parents and their beliefs I am not my family and its bonds I am not my religion and its dogma I... Read more

Ballad for Kashmir

I hear stories of an ancient land so pure. I see photographs of bluer than blue skies over a lake of molten gold. I drink... Read more

Mago Pod Newsletter, August 2016 # 11

The name Mago Pod is borrowed from a pod of whales who stay together throughout their lifetimes and travel across oceans.   Highlights Mago Books Textbook... Read more